Results before fees: We use Google Ads to massively grow businesses. We stand behind our results with a guarantee offer

With our proven PPC strategies, your competitors will come to you begging for a share within the market. From massive app installs and user-base growth for start ups, to ambitious revenue and leads generation for ecommerce and service-based businesses, we have proven our expertise over and over. 

If you know anything about Google Ads, you will know that campaigns on that trillion-dollar platform is not just about awareness or conversions. It’s about conquest. Unlike other marketing agencies, Our Google Ads mastery isn’t just about visibility; it’s about this conquest. We find ways to captivate your audience and boost your acquisition with strategies that turn clicks into devoted customers. Then we use that data to scale your business like never before.

Let our campaigns speak for us

Over 7X return of advertising investment

99 purchases while returning 6X every penny spent

18,000 leads generated for a lead generation campaign

Unleash the Power of App Campaigns!

Apps are the heartbeat of modern engagement, and we know how to make them pulse. Our App Campaigns aren’t just about downloads; they’re about forging connections. Scale your app’s user base with precision and power.

From app installs to in-app actions, we transform casual users into fervent brand enthusiasts. Our strategic approach to App Campaigns ensures exponential growth, reaching users precisely when they’re most engaged. Here are results from one of our app campaigns

89,200 app Installs

144 thousand app conversions for mobile app with $0.7 cost per install

Why Should You Choose Us? Well because we understand you!

Are you a marketing lead who has a product to promote? Impress your bosses with results that speak louder than endless strategy meetings. We are well-seasoned and meticulously align with your KPIs, ensuring every campaign is a step towards exceeding expectations.

If you're like many of our clients, you are tired of traditional bill board ads and influencer advertising. We don't need to point out the importance of TRACKABLE & SCALABLE advertising. If you need to see exactly where your money is going for your marketing campaigns, then keep reading.

To keep your revenue strong, you’ve probably invested heavily in bill board, radio and influencer ads. You may have even spent quite a lot on Facebook, SnapChat and TikTok Ads only to find yourself with low ROI and unaccounted adspend.

You may have also tried to hire agencies and freelancers who promise the world but deliver nothing since:

Your brand is not just growing and scaling as smoothly as you would like.

You are a CEO or Marketing lead with too much on their plate to focus on ads

Your marketing efforts are not trackable and data is wasted

You need to understand the best channel suited for your business

Your Brand Can Be Worth So Much More With Our Cross-Channel Strategy!

For your business to have any chance of growth. You need an omnipresent strategy that puts your business in front of people who are actively searching and looking for your services and products. 

QualityContentHQ is changing the digital marketing game. First, we help you run an optimized campaign that will outperform set KPI’s. Then we use all the data to scale all other areas of your business.

Attract & Convert More Customers Through Paid Traffic

You get proven and long-term strategies, NOT hacks

Hacks are short-term tactics that eventually lose their effect. We believe in giving you long-term, sustainable, and scalable strategies that work no matter what changes come to the social and ad platforms.

We stay ahead of the curve so you don’t have to

We stay at the forefront so you don’t have to, and bring all our learnings to work every day for your brand’s success.

Take your hands off day-to-day campaign management

For the time-strapped business owner, we’re your dedicated team. From campaign inception to daily management, we’ve got it handled. Your success doesn’t need your constant supervision – that’s our job. All you need is to focus on delivering the best service for your business

Wait! There is More. Apart From Guarantee-based contracts, We Also Send You a Live Reporting Dashboard of All Your Campaigns - Live!

We have one of the best contract structures among most agencies. We help you carry the financial weight of your marketing investment with a guarantee offer.

This means, in the first test phase of working with us which can last anywhere between 2 weeks – 1 month, we will refund 100% of all agency fees if you did not meet your goals. 

For this, we are very careful about the businesses we work with. If we feel we cannot get you results, we do not pull you into a hassle with unfavourable contracts.

We have a reporting system that highlights all the KPIs from our digital marketing efforts. This includes ads, demographics, location and other audience segments of our marketing strategy. 

This feature gives you a bird’s eye view of your company and allows you make decisions for your business using available day-to-day data.

You can access all of these KPI’s with the click of a link! 

So, you can share this with key decision makers, understand your budget and numbers even better.

Other Reasons Why Businesses Strive To Work With Us

Risk Safety for Your Marketing Investment

While there can be no guarantees in the digital marketing space, we have an offer that ensures the safety of your marketing investment. 

In the proposed test period, we forecast how much results we can get your brand. If in that time period, these results fall below expectations, we as much, forfeit part or complete agency fees. This goes to show how committed we are in delivering results

Experienced Human

We don’t leave our work for an AI or any kind of software. No tool can take over the customizations needed to make Google Ads work. We align all our strategies based on experience to figure out what your brand responds to the best.

All while abiding by Google’s Policies.

Complete Transparency

We do not hide behind our strategies. Our team members are committed to showing you all it takes to do what we do for your business. This understanding between clients and the agency is one of the keys to our success. We leave no room for fluff.

Whether it’s good news or bad, we’ll be the first ones to tell you. This allows good performance to be made better and bad performance to be fixed quickly.

Performance Based Contracts. NDA included.

Don’t get entangled with agencies that tie you down with long-term contracts. We have a very flexible contract system that is based on performance. 

This is easy for both parties. If we genuinely cannot help your business, we do not wish to keep your money. So you can choose to work with us or not without any hidden legal or financial blindsides.

Also, we never share details about your business with other competitors.


Weekly reports and regular communication that keeps you up to date with all metrics that matter to your business.

Our team has been trained to customize our reporting to point out the important KPIs with the most profitability for your business.

Why Us?

In the large pool of over-the-top promises, we actually get real results with Google ads.

Other Agencies

❌ Lack of transparency
❌ Unfavorable long-term contracts
❌ Tons of promises, little to no results
❌ Generic strategies
❌ Inability to use data for growth 


✅ Full transparency
✅ Guarantee-based contracts
✅ Step-by-step execution plan
✅ Strategy tailored for your business
✅ Uses data to scale every other marketing channel

Get Started Quickly & Easily

With just three simple steps, we’ll have your marketing campaigns creating havoc in the market.

Step 1

Schedule A Discovery Call

Fill out this form and book a time; lets talk about your current situation and overall dreams and goals for your business. We do not accept all businesses. The essence of the call is to see if we are a right fit.

Step 2

Strategy and Set Up

With the conversation we just had, we will create a step-by-step action plan for your business. This includes forecasted growth. You can keep this strategy even if we do not finally get to work.

Step 3


The strategy plan can start to be implemented in as little as 7 days after we begin. While established businesses can see results within 25 days, it’s best to give it 1 – 2 months to see accurate results. The best part, we operate on a guarantee-offer.

Commonly Asked Questions

Google ads is a flexible platform. This means that depensding on your budget, you can advertise with as little as $10. The best part is that you don’t pay for your ad until someone clicks on it.

Our service fees are also fully customized on a case to case basis to ensure you don’t break the bank while trying to grow your business.

We optimize them based on the last 14 days to 30 days worth of data. Google Ads is a search based platform; it requires time to properly allocate not only the purchases, but also the actual data which the algorithm uses to improve performance.


The word’ guarantee’ is a very strong word and in our opinion, should not be used in business. There are too many unknown factors in business that can change the trajectory of it within seconds. However, we do guarantee that we’ll create a realistic goal right from the beginning and use working ad strategies that have worked time and time again after thousands of tests.

This alone increases the overall chances of success to around 99%. Also, after our test period, you can choose to terminate our contract without any headache.

In a marketplace where agencies are boasting their “jack of all trades” culture, we strive to have only one focus: Google Ads. Not only that, we know how to use Google Ads to leverage all other channels. This ensures consistent results and data-driven growth.

Our team here are trained to extract important data from all metrics however, we do have a few favorites. Some of these include CPC, CPP, ROAS, and Search Impression share. These metrics give us direction. We are also obsessed with the search terms that are most profitable for your business.